Making A Real Difference

CCCMC works with a Volunteer Team to provide alternative dispute resolution services to community members. Our volunteer mediators work directly with people in disputes; easing tensions, establishing trust, and helping participants find solutions.

Volunteers may also choose to support our mission by serving on our board of directors and/or a committee.

CCCMC’s Volunteer Mediator Training Program represents a unique opportunity for volunteers to obtain hands on experience and skills in mediation.  Volunteers receive 45 hours of Basic Mediation Training, at no cost, with a Volunteer Contract. Professional Basic Mediation Training is provided by Community Mediation Maryland. The intensive training program is followed by an observation and co-mediation internship. Once established, volunteers may choose specialized areas of training including: Attendance Mediation, Re-entry Mediation, Parenting Plan Mediation, Individual Education Plan (IEP), and meeting facilitation.

CMUS follows the Mediation Confidentiality Code of MD Section 3-1803 and Judiciary Rule 17, and Ethical Standards of Mediators.

Volunteers - Cecil County Community Mediation Center - Elkton, MD
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