Who We Are

The Cecil County Community Mediation Center, Inc. (CCCMC) is a non-profit organization providing free, confidential, and effective conflict resolution services through mediation, education, and training to promote respectful dispute resolution in Cecil County, MD.

What We Do

Mediation is a process that brings people together to clarify issues, discuss options and, when possible, reach an agreement. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. Mediation empowers participants to collaborate and develop creative solutions that last. Because participants control the outcome and develop their own solutions, mediation agreements tend to last even longer than court orders.

Serious disputes among people can be aggravating and painful. Disputes cost time, peace of mind, and often money. Mediation is an alternative to non-resolution or costly legal measures. By using mediation, participants do not give up their legal rights. If an agreement is not reached, participants can still seek other remedies, if they wish.

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What We Do - Cecil County Community Mediation Center - Elkton, MD