Free, Effective Family Mediation

In Maryland’s Family Courts, divorcing co-parents are required to attend mediation to discuss matters concerning custody and child access.  Court appointed mediators charge upward of $150-$200/hour for mediation sessions which are generally 2-hours long. Multiple sessions are usually required to develop a solid parenting plan agreement.

The high cost of mediation services sometimes interferes with the establishment of fair, thoughtful, and effective parenting plans by: creating financial burdens for some co-parents as they establish separate households; pressuring co-parents to make quick decisions that may not be in the best interest of the children, to save money; putting children and families at risk for future conflicts and trauma when ineffective agreements fail.

CCCMC offers co-parents free mediation services and unlimited sessions to create detailed parenting plans that meet their unique needs.  CCCMC parenting plans for child custody and access are accepted by Cecil County Family Court.

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