General Questions

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that brings people together to clarify issues, discuss options and, when possible, reach an agreement. Neutral mediators assist participants in having tough conversations and help them work toward their own solutions to develop creative agreements that last.

How much does mediation cost?

Cecil County Community Mediation Center provides services at no cost to participants.

What services do you provide?

CCCMC provides free alternative conflict resolution through mediation and meeting facilitation, conflict awareness training for youth, and presentations to educate the community about our services.

If you’re interested in requesting a mediation, use the Mediation Request Form.  If you’re interested in a presentation, training, or large group facilitation, call the office at 443-207-5159 or contact us here.

What types of mediations are offered?

We can mediate almost anything!  As long as participants have no fear of retaliation and there are no recent incidents of domestic violence involved between participants, we can usually offer mediation services. Please refer to our Programs page for more examples of situations appropriate for mediation or call the office at 443-207-5159 for a confidential assessment with a staff member.

How is appropriateness for mediation determined?

Prior to scheduling, a mediation coordinator conducts intake with potential participants. During the intake process, coordinators will determine appropriateness by completing a safety screening. A variety of questions will be asked to ensure participants can speak freely for themselves during the mediation without any fear of retaliation from the other participant(s). If there is any fear of retaliation, danger, or harm, the mediation coordinator would consider the situation inappropriate for services.

How long does it take to get a mediation scheduled?

Typically, mediations are scheduled within 7-10 business days after speaking to the last person who will participate in the mediation.

How do I schedule a mediation?

To schedule a mediation, you can utilize the online Mediation Service Request Form or call the office at 443-207-5159 for a confidential assessment with a staff member.  The office is generally staffed 10AM-3PM Monday through Friday.

Where do mediations happen?

We believe that conflicts should be resolved in the neighborhoods where they happen so accessibility is as important to us as it is to you. When possible, we schedule mediations in neighborhoods where disputes occur and at places that are convenient to the participants.

What time can I have a mediation?

We conduct mediations every day of the week between 9am and 7pm.

How can I refer someone to mediation?

Contact us by phone at 443-207-5159 between 10AM-3PM Monday through Friday.

Complete our online Mediation Service Request Form.

It is helpful to notify the individual that you will be referring them to CCCMC, but it is not required.

What does your programming look like?

Please refer to our Programs page.

Mediator Questions

Who are CCCMC mediators and what are their qualifications?

CCCMC mediators are volunteers from the local community. They must complete over 45 hours of inclusive-model basic mediation training and observe 2 mediation sessions before being allowed to mediate cases. Mediators must complete an apprenticeship process and participate in continuing education (CE) in-service training each year.

How do I become a mediator?

Refer to the Volunteer page for next steps towards becoming a volunteer mediator.

What is the mediator’s role?

Our mediators listen as you explain the issues of the conflict, ask questions to help you and the other person clarify and understand the issues, guide you through a process to develop solutions, and assist you in writing an agreement that works for everyone involved in the dispute.  Our mediators adhere to the  Mediation Confidentiality Code of MD Section 3-1803 and Judiciary Rule 17, and Ethical Standards of Mediators. Both are rooted in principles of neutrality, confidentiality, and self-determination during the process.

When do you schedule training?

Basic Mediation Training is offered annually in Cecil County. Advanced Training and In-service Training are scheduled as needed.  CCCMC partners with other Community Mediation Centers to offer Volunteers many opportunities throughout the year to get the training they need to be successful mediators. See our Calendar for upcoming training opportunities (link to online calendar-coming soon).

Community & Partnership Questions

Who are your partners?

Our partners include: government agencies, the State’s Attorney’s Office, local courts, nonprofit organizations, private practitioners, community / neighborhood organizations, Cecil County Public Schools, faith-based organizations, Local Police Departments, the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, and individual community members…like you.

How can I/my organization partner with Cecil County Community Mediation Center?

We would love to partner with you! Please contact us for more information!

Is the Cecil County Community Mediation Center a part of the court or county government?

No. Cecil County Community Mediation Center is an independent 501(c3) nonprofit corporation. CCCMC has created partnerships with the local State’s Attorney’s Office, courts, and some government agencies to provide opportunities for community members to use mediation for alternative dispute resolution at any time during conflicts. These partnerships allow participants to actively control the outcome of their disputes through the mediation process. By using mediation, participants do not give up their legal rights. If an agreement is not reached during mediation, participants can still seek other remedies, if they wish

Can the Cecil County Community Mediation Center give legal advice?

No. CCCMC staff and mediators do not provide legal advice or make suggestions during the intake and mediation processes. They are neutral and non-judgmental and ensure participants understand the mediation process before mediation is provided and ensure participants feel heard during the mediation session.

What is the role of Community Mediation Maryland?

CCCMC has joined a coalition of 19 community mediation centers across the State of Maryland supporting each other by sharing programming information and resources.  In addition to serving as CCCMC’s fiscal sponsor during the transition to mediation center independence, Community Mediation Maryland (CMM) also provides training, pass through funding, gathers and interprets data collected from all Maryland community mediation centers, and provides opportunities to share information and resources between mediation centers.  As a member, CCCMC follows the Community Mediation 10 Point Model.

What mediation model does CCCMC use?

CCCMC practices the Inclusive Mediation Model and uses a 2 person, co-mediator, approach. For more information, click here.

How are you funded?

CCCMC is able to offer services to community members, at no charge, due to local program volunteers, grant funding, and donations from community members, organizations, and partners. Our largest grantor is the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO).