Before Heading to Truancy Court

Created in partnership with the District Court of Cecil County and Cecil County Public Schools, CCCMC’s Truancy Diversion Program offers parents/guardians with school attendance related criminal charges the opportunity to come together with school personnel to address barriers preventing children from attending school regularly and on-time.

Parents/guardians usually mediate with the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) assigned to the student’s school; however, counselors, principals, teachers, family outreach workers, and others may attend if all participants agree. When appropriate, students are invited to participate so their thoughts and ideas can be considered during the mediation process. Sessions are held in District Court, the student’s school, the CCCMC office, or a neutral partner site convenient for participants.

Request a Mediation Session
Truancy Court - Cecil County Community Mediation Center - Elkton, MD
Truancy Court - Cecil County Community Mediation Center - Elkton, MD

Through the mediation process, impartial volunteer mediators provided by CCCMC, listen to each participant’s view of what has brought them to mediation. Mediators ask questions to clarify and reframe answers into positive, easy language to help everyone at the table understand each other’s point of view. Mediators encourage participants to brainstorm many solutions. Any agreement reached can be written, signed by the participants, and submitted to the court on their behalf.

As parents/guardians successfully complete the Truancy Diversion Program, charges can be placed on the STET docket and later expunged.

Participation in the Truancy Diversion Program decreases the number of children and families negatively impacted by court fines and/or incarceration; helping families improve their quality of life; and increasing the opportunity for student graduation and success after high school.